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The Pudding Ladies @ Millhouses Park Café


See our extended black boards offering daily home made specials for breakfast lunch, children & desserts

Breakfasts served all day

Traditional Breakfast £6.00
Grilled bacon, cumberland sausages, plum tomatoes,
beans & egg
Mighty Breakfast £7.50
Grilled bacon, cumberland sausages fried potatoes,
mushrooms, beans, plum tomatoes & eggs
Vegetarian Breakfast £6.00
Vegetarian sausage, mushrooms, plum tomatoes,
beans & egg Served with a mug of tea or filter coffee

Children’s Breakfast £4.50
Served with apple or orange juice Eggs are fried, poached or

Breakfast Buns
Bacon or sausage £2.50
Bacon or sausage & egg £3.00
Bacon or sausage & tomato £3.00
Bacon or sausage & egg or tomato £3.50
Bacon & sausage £3.75

Toast & Toppings
Two slices of white or granary toast with:
Baked beans £3.00
Fried, poached or scrambled 3.50
Fresh fried tomatoes £3.50
Mature Cheddar £3.50
Breakfast Quick Bites
Buttered toasted teacake £1.20
Granary or white toast £1.20
Preserves or marmite £0.50

Breakfast Specials
Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with granary toast £6.00
Cheese and tomato omelette with fried potatoes £5.50
Kippers and scrambled eggs with brown bread and butter £6.00

Breakfast Extras
Fried potatoes £1.00
Black pudding £1.00
Mushrooms £1.00

On granary or white bread with a dressed salad garnish
Baked ham with wholegrain mustard mayonnaise £3.50
Prawns with marie rose sauce £4.00
Tuna fish with lemon mayonnaise £3.50
Mature cheddar with chunky tomato chutney £3.50
BLT on toasted granary or white £5.50
Add chicken £6.50
Add chips £1.50

Home made soup with a warm ciabatta £4.00
Children’s soup with white or granary bread £2.50
Cup of Soup & Sandwich baked ham, tuna or mature cheddar £5.00

Jacket Potatoes
With dressed salad and a choice of toppings £4.75
Children’s jacket with cherry tomatoes and cucumber £2.50
Grated cheese
Tuna with lemon mayonnaise
Prawns in marie rose sauce

Café Burgers
Home-made beef burger on a toasted
ciabatta with mayonnaise
dressed salad and compliment of chips
Plain £6.00
With cheese £6.50
With cheese & bacon £7.00
Vegetarian falafel burger with mayonnaise & chilli sauce £6.00

Warm chicken & bacon salad with home made basil pesto
dressing & pine nuts £6.00
Sautee chorizo & new potato salad served on dressed leaves £6.00
Greek salad with feta cheese, black olives & dressed salad £6.00
Add a warm ciabatta £1.00

Children’s Choices
Sandwiches on white or granary
with cherry tomatoes & cucumber
Tuna, ham or cheese £2.50
Home made fish finger £3.50
Chip butty £2.50

Toast & toppings £2.00
Baked beans
Scrambled egg

Things & Chips with peas or beans
Fried egg £3.00
Home made chicken strips £3.50
Home made fish fingers £3.50
Sausages £3.50
Vegetarian sausages £3.50
Penne pasta served with tomato
sauce & melted cheese £3.50

To order Food Please find a table & note the table number Place your order at the food order till Collect your cutlery & sauces We will deliver your food to your table

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Millhouses is my favourite park in Sheffield
Angela Keegan

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