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Pony Rides

Pony In The Park
Jenny Missy & Bella will be giving Pony rides in the park over the summer holidays.

Information from Jenny’s website..........
Not long after acquiring Missy and Bella in 2012, I came up with the idea of training Missy to pull a little cart and offering rides to small children around Millhouses Park. After some considerable preparation time we were just about ready to start in time for the summer holidays. We hope to move around a bit and offer rides in Ecclesall Woods and other parts of the city too.

Pony in the Park was a big success in it’s first year of operation and so has returned for a second year running. Bella is now old enough to begin learning the ropes so keep watching this space, soon there might be two ponies in the park!

New Pedalo Boats Arrive At The Park

The new pedalo boats have arrived at the Millhouses park boating lake, the pedalos now allow everybody young & old to enjoy the Millhouses Park boating experience.
Come & join us for some great fun on the pond Happy

Hope to see you there soon .............

Eid Festival Success

Sheffield Eid Festival 2014, Millhouses Park

The Sheffield Eid Festival of 2014 expanded from 1 day to a 2 day event turned out to be a tale of 2 days, with only approx 4,000 people attending on Saturday (2nd August) compared to twice the number of at least 8,000 attending on Sunday (3rd August). Though this mismatch between numbers attending had less to do with the organisers and more to do with the Met Office / BBC's inaccurate weather forecast of rain literally for the whole of the Saturday time-table that failed to materialise.
In fact observed rainfall for day 1 was limited to light rain of between 1pm and 2pm with the rest of the day usually bright and sunny that would have disappointed many who had wished to attend but did not. Though good news for those that did attend on Day 1 as they were not subject to lengthy queues at the stalls and various rides that would materialise on Day 2.
Day one probably saw 4,000 people attend which was down from last years estimate of 7,000. Which means short queues for the Ice cream vans!
Day 2 saw at approx 9,000 people attend up about 1/3rd on last year.With now long queues for the ice cream van.
Overall the event was a great success & we look forward to the Eid festival arriving in 2015.